Alone in the Dark – Fiction

You have been wandering this labyrinth for a day now, desperately searching for a sign of natural light. However, it only seems to be growing colder and darker. The shield strapped to your back and sword at your side do nothing to comfort you as the darkness creeps in, your last torch taking its final breaths, dying to embers as you watch on, helpless. And then it’s gone.

For the first time, you truly feel claustrophobic. The darkness is let in, no longer held at bay by the flame. It feels less like it’s hugging you now, and more like it’s choking you. The cold creeps in too, and despite your layers of armour, you feel a chill run down your spine.

As you stand there, getting used to the new situation, your senses adjust. You can now hear the slow drips of water echoing from all ends of the cavern, and the whispers of paranoia. Is that the sound of your heart, or something walking towards you? Is that your breath, or someone else’s? Are you alone?

The smell hits you then, the smell of your own fear. It’s seeped to every point in your being. You can taste it too, as it surfaces on your lips, and bleeds into your mouth. The salty liquid is disgusting, and you take a moment to pray that it’s not the last thing you taste.

You reach your hand slowly out into the unknown, searching for the wall to be your anchor. As you make contact, you feel the cool dampness stick to your palm. The rough rock beneath is enough, however, and you breathe in and push on.

As you step forward, the clangs made by your chain armour betray your attempts at subtlety. Each movement you make is a scream, calling for the attention of anyone in here with you. Metal against stone scrapes as you gulp and press onwards. What else are you to do?

The sweat from your forehead pushes through your brows, and suddenly your eyes sting. You close your eyes, not losing any vision in the process, and try to blink it out. Metal armour covering your hands will be no help in removing the fluid. As you open your eyes, blinking fast, you swear your night vision has kicked it. But around you, all you see are shadows and threats.

And here, in this dark labyrinth of a cave, is where you lose your mind.


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