Freelancing has been an incredible journey, even just a few weeks in! I’ve been offered a boatload of jobs, so the selection has been incredible. But here’s the job that’s got me most excited.

rpgready.com is a website that was started by Dice Monkeys with the goal of helping roleplay gamers play better. For a while, it has been inactive as the owner became busy, but now he is looking at getting it running full time with quality content.

As an experienced Game Master in Dungeons and Dragons and a few other systems, I have been asked to come in and write advice articles. My first one, ‘Encouraging Players to Roleplay’ can be found here.

This is the kind of content that I have been dreaming of creating, and I believe many people will find it helpful as they dive into the world behind the GM screen for the first time, or aim to become better role players. I am over the moon to be involved with such a website.

If you are looking for table-top based advice, I highly recommend checking out the website. You will find many pieces of advice that will help you game better.

Click here to be sent to the homepage, and have a look for yourself!



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